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23 days ago

Hi doctor, wanted to know the precaution to be taken while adopting and bringing home a community kitten when already having a fully indoor pet who has a medical condition? The mother community cat is vaccinated but I’m not sure of her medical history. Need your advice. I’m aware that kitten has to be kept seperately until first dose of vaccination and even post that slow introduction between them.




Dr. Anukarna Singh

Yes please keep the new kitten away from your pet for the first 7-10 days, some diseases can spread through indirect contact so make sure you wash your hands carefully after handling the new pet. Also make sure you deflea and deworm the new kitten before you introduce the two. For the first few times you introduce them please monitor closely to make sure they don't injure each other. If possible get a physical examination done by a veterinarian before you take the kitten home.


23 days ago