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Champ, Kuddle's CEO


We are on a mission to make this world a... Wait a minute, let me sniff everything in the world and finish my treats first

Sinchi, Kuddle's CTO


I don't code, I just decode my way to people's hearts. Being charming and moody are my hobbies..


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We at Kuddle are committed to redefining pet parenting and making it a more joyful and convenient journey for all pet lovers. With great obsession towards quality and ease we are creating a platform which will be a one stop solution for all your pet parenting needs. We have started this journey by providing a bouquet of doorstep services across Bengaluru, which include grooming, walking, training, vet consulting and nutrition planning. We are a group of passionate pet lovers who ensure a safe and joyful experience is provided to your furry friends and at the same time provide you with flexibility of scheduling appointments that fit in your schedule perfectly.


Join us to make more tails wag, and give our pets the healthy and happy life they deserve.


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