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On Kuddle's online pet store, shop for the best dog fresh food brands and get it delivered to your doorstep. We have a wide range of dog fresh food brands to choose from.

If you want to elevate your pet's diet and upgrade it from dog kibbles, dog fresh food is the way to go! Fresh food is becoming popular amongst dog parents because of its wholesome ingredients, fewer preservatives, and numerous health benefits. Fresh food also has a similar texture to dog wet food is very palatable and keeps the body hydrated.

Why shop for fresh food for dogs?

  1. Better nutrition: Dog Fresh food has better quality ingredients like fresh chicken, fish, and meat, balanced with fruits and vegetables for a balanced nutrition. Fresh food doesn't contain harmful chemical preservatives, instead, it is kept fresh because of its special packaging known as retort packaging.

  2. Improved digestion: Better ingredients in dog food are equivalent to improved digestion for dogs. Most fresh food brands use human-grade ingredients in their fresh dog food.

  3. Enhanced energy and vitality: Feeding fresh and nutrient-rich food boosts energy levels and supports your dog's immune system. It is believed that a good balanced diet can increase your dog's life for up to 3 years!

How can I transition my dog's diet to dog fresh food?

To transition your dog's diet, introduce the food in small quantities and mix it with their regular food, gradually increasing the quantity over 7-10 days. The transition process is important to avoid any stomach upsets in dogs. When you introduce a new dog food, the healthy bacteria, known as the microbiome gets disrupted, but the gradual transition allows the microbiome to adjust.

What is dog fresh food price in India?

While dog fresh food can have a high upfront cost, it has long-term health benefits that can help you save a lot on veterinary bills in the future and can increase your pup's life as well. Dog fresh food prices can start at as low as Rs. 79 per meal and go up to Rs. 600 per meal.

How to order dog fresh food online?

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