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How to Book Train Tickets for your pets?

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Devoted pet parents rarely ever want to take a vacation without their pets. Here is a one-stop solution, to erase your confusion on traveling with your pets in trains. Experts recommend traveling long distances via trains instead of cars and planes so your furry companion is not stressed out by the journey. Planning a journey by train, however, seems to be a challenging task for first-timers. It can be very confusing and complicated, but don't worry we got your back! This blog aims to make it as easy as possible. Here's how you can book train tickets for your dogs!

How to travel with dogs on trains:

By first-class coach:

  • Step 1: Go to the IRCTC website and book your tickets. Dogs are allowed only in AC first-class coaches. Thus, we have to travel by the 2 seater coupe or 4 seater cabin, out of which the 4 seater cabin is easier to get. Each pet parent can register only one dog under their name, so if you are traveling with multiple pets please ensure that they are booked under different Passenger Name Records (PNRs).

  • Step 2: Once your tickets are confirmed, get the relevant documents for your pet ready and keep multiple copies of them.

  • Step 3: Write an application to the Chief Reservation Officer of the starting station requesting the allotment of an entire coupe or cabin. This application must be submitted at least two days before the seating chart is made.

  • Step 4: The pet must be taken to the parcel office for booking at least 4 hours before the departure time. The challan for your pet is handed over once the fees according to the luggage rates are paid.

NOTE - If you are caught in the wrong compartment or don't have the proper documentation, you might have to pay a hefty fine or your dog might be sent to the luggage van. The worst-case scenario is that you and your dog could be deboarded at the next stop.

By Brake vans:

Another option is to travel by the dog box which is on the second-class compartments or brake vans that are equipped with windows for ventilation, secure locking mechanisms, and a designated area to place the crate. The pet parent has to book their pets for a dog box in the luggage cum brake van, which will be supervised by the train manager. They are unfortunately very restrictive as pets are not free to walk around. Your dog needs to wear a muzzle and be leashed for the entire travel duration. Please note that only one dog is allowed in a dog box at a time. The pet parent must take their pet to the luggage office at least 4 hours before the departure time of the train. The receipt collected at the parcel office should be handed over to the train manager before boarding.

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Important Documents to Carry

To avoid hassles, pet parents must ensure they have multiple copies of the following:

  1. Confirmed train tickets booked via IRCTC in the first class compartment. We suggest either purchasing 2 or 4 tickets and getting an entire coupe or cabin for yourself and your pet.
  2. Prepare all necessary applications for your pet before travel. You require:
    • A photocopy of ID proof
    • A 'fit to travel' certificate by your vet at least 24-48 days before the date of departure. Mention all relevant details of your pet such as the breed, color, and gender.
    • Vaccination and health records that are up to date.
    • Application letter for allocation of the Coupe/Cabin.
  3. Book your dog on the train at least 3 hours before the boarding time.

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Once your tickets are confirmed, the next step is to prepare the application for traveling with your pet. Write a letter to the Chief Reservation Officer of the boarding station requesting the allotment of the cabin. The relevant documents of your pet must be attached along with your ID proof. Make sure to submit this letter to the parcel office of the main railway station of your city at least 2-3 days before the seating chart is made.

To download the application format, click here.

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On the day of travel, reach the starting station at least 6 hours before boarding. This gives you ample time to collect your pet's travel receipt. Check the cabin before boarding and make sure your pet has access to fresh water throughout your journey. Carry their favorite treats and toys to make this trip as memorable for them as it is for you.

NOTE - If a passenger is caught transporting pets without proper booking, a hefty penalty will be levied. The owner of the dog will be charged six times the Scale-L luggage rate.

What to do if you are not allotted a coupe/cabin to travel in?

Firstly, take a deep breath. You can take the following measures:

Reach the station early and get your dog booked on the train. Then request your fellow passengers to exchange seats so you can accompany an entire cabin/ coupe with your dog.

If your pet is well-socialized and comfortable with meeting new people, get the approval of your fellow passengers in writing and share it with the Ticket Collector when he comes around. In most cases, he will be okay with it. In the worst-case scenario, however, you might have to pay a fine for your pet which is 6 times the cost of your dog's ticket. The situation can become stressful as it is unprecedented, so be prepared.

TIPS to travel in train with your pets

  • Have multiple Xerox copies of all documents and papers along with the photocopy of your ID proof
  • Carry a muzzle for your dog to ensure he doesn't bite anyone.
  • Carry pee pads, wet wipes, doggy diapers and poop scooper in case they defecate in the compartment.
  • Carry treats and his favorite toys as it will be a frustrating Journey
  • Carry their favorite food and treats.
  • Feed them less on the train as he might vomit.
  • Ensure they have access to fresh water at all times.
  • Take him out of the train as much as possible between stops so he can relieve himself. Pre-plan the breaks on stations where the train will be taking stops for more than 10-15 minutes.

We hope you find this information useful and insightful! Share this with your friends and family who are looking to travel with their pets!!