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Kuddle 5.0: Ai-powered recommendations customized to your pet's needs

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We often found ourselves researching for hours on Google to understand what products to buy for our pets! And we could clearly understand, that it's not just us, but all the conscious pet parents who want nothing but the best for their pets.

So, after two years of heart and soul poured into vigorous research, we're excited to introduce you to Kuddle 5.0, a holistic platform that redefines the way we care for our beloved pets. We've been quietly working behind the scenes to build Kuddle 5.0, and we'd love to share our journey with you.

The Challenge

The Indian pet care industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.2% over the next nine years. A growing trend in pet adoption/ownership has been observed in India. According to the data published by Times of India, India had 22 Million pets in the year 2021 and the number went up to 32 Million in 2022. 90% of all pet parents in India are first-time pet parents.

With the rise in pet adoptions, there's also a noticeable change in the relationships people share with their pets. We've moved away from treating pets like belongings, and now many prefer to call themselves 'pet parents' instead of 'pet owners.'

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However, amidst this boom and changing relationship, there are critical challenges that pet parents, particularly first-timers, face. The lack of knowledge and awareness among pet parents, exacerbated by misleading information online poses a substantial hurdle. They are surrounded by questions like “What to feed?”, “Which toys to buy”, “Which treats would be the best for my pet”, etc. Many are eager to learn, especially the pet-loving Gen Z, yet finding accurate information amidst the sea of myths online is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

These conscious pet parents rely mostly on information provided by breeders and veterinary professionals, and many times financial factors, such as commissions linked to product suggestions, can sometimes unintentionally influence well-meaning decisions. Another source of information available is search engines, but the information available is not verified or reliable. Moreover, there’s no one product-fits-all-all scenario or advice for pets. The correct recommendations depend on multiple factors such as the pet’s breed, age, weight and health history.

To help pet parents get out of this (mis)information overload Kuddle came up with a compassionate solution designed to address these challenges and empower pet parents across India.

The Kuddle Solution: Empowering Through Technology

Kuddle strives to empower pet parents with information, enabling them to make informed choices about their pets' care. Kuddle is a pioneer in recognizing and addressing these challenges as we offer AI-powered personalized recommendations taking into account all the factors like breed, age, weight & health history like skin conditions, medical history, etc. This approach aligns with our commitment to fostering a community where the well-being of pets takes precedence. For example, many beagle parents would ignore the fact that beagles were bred to hunt in packs and they have exceptionally high sense of smell and will end up buying boring rubber toys for them. But with Kuddle, they will get interactive puzzle toys as their top recommendation as they satisfy their natural instincts. Also, based on the beagle’s age and weight, Kuddle will offer even more accurate recommendations.

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Kuddle 5.0 helps people make informed decisions, and they will also be able to shop for these products from the Kuddle App. All products available in our online shop are sourced and curated with care, taking into account your pet’s needs and safety. Kuddle AI is like having access to an expert 24/7 exclusively for your pet.

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Collaboration with Experts

The process of bringing Kuddle to life was a collaborative endeavor, with a key focus on delivering a sophisticated yet user-friendly AI-powered recommendation engine. No one is an expert at everything, and we knew that well. That's why we reached out to some wonderful trusted veterinarians, nutritionists, and behavior experts who graciously shared their wisdom with us.

Partnering with a team of these Pet experts, we embarked on a journey that encompassed data collection, algorithm development, rigorous testing, and multiple iterations to ensure precision and reliability.

The initial phase involved collecting a vast array of data crucial for understanding the diverse needs of pets. This included comprehensive information on breeds, age, weight, and nuanced health histories such as skin conditions and specific medical details and the challenges pet parents were facing while buying products for their pets. By collaborating closely with our expert partners, we ensured the data collected was not only extensive but also reflective of the intricacies of real-world pet care scenarios.

Our team of experts analysed the problems shared by 500+ pet parents and helped our team of Tech experts develop an engine that could decipher the complexities of pet care.

Testing played a pivotal role in refining the AI engine. Rigorous trials and simulations were conducted to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the recommendations. The recommendations were tested for different breeds across all age groups. Multiple iterations followed, where insights from our expert collaborators and user feedback were incorporated to enhance the engine's precision and responsiveness. This iterative process was critical in fine-tuning the AI to adapt to the dynamic nature of pet health, ensuring that it provided reliable and up-to-date recommendations.

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We started with Kuddle's Ai Nutrition planner which recommended easy-to-cook fresh food recipes specially curated based on pet’s breed, age, weight and body condition score. We then further expanded our research to toys, treats and accessories for pets to launch Kuddle 5.0

Backed by extensive research, Kuddle's powerful AI engine is one of a kind. The journey of making Kuddle 5.0 live involved a harmonious collaboration between data specialists, tech experts and pet care experts. Through this collaborative effort, Kuddle aims to redefine the standards of pet parenting, making informed and tailored choices accessible to every pet parent.


In the rapidly growing Indian pet care industry, Kuddle is not just an app but a companion for pet parents. By addressing the challenges of knowledge gaps, online misinformation, and limited access to quality recommendations, Kuddle aims to make the journey of pet parenting in India more informed, enjoyable, and ultimately, better for our furry friends. Together, let's navigate the exciting world of pet care with confidence and compassion.