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Whiskas Adult Tasty Mix Wet Cat Food Made With Real Fish, Seafood Cocktail Wakame Seaweed in Gravy
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Expert insights

  • This product is suitable for all breeds of Adult age group.
  • "enhance your cat's dining experience with whiskas adult tasty mix wet cat food made with real fish, seafood cocktail, and wakame seaweed in gravy, offering a flavorful blend rich in essential nutrients for overall health."

Product description

Introducing something new and tasty that is made using varieties of ingredients with complete & balanced nutrition and flavours that your furry friend will love. The new Whiskas Pouch Tasty Mix enhances the cat food deliciousness by combining quality protein with seafood cocktail wakame seaweed and nutrition from colourful veggies in tasty gravy sauce. A cat love for fish is thoughtfully blended in Whiskas cat food along with 41 essential nutrients to boost their health & energy. This is an ideal gravy food for cats that will make them happy while they also enjoy it. New Whiskas food for cat offers four flavourful varieties that they will never get bored of Seafood Cocktail with Seaweeds in Gravy, Salmon, and Chicken with Seaweeds in Gravy, Tuna, and Kanikama with Carrots in Gravy and Chicken and Tuna with Carrots in Gravy. Now turn every meal into a special meal for your fur baby. Store in a cool, dry place.
Features :
  • Made With Real Fish : Whiskas Tasty Mix contains real fish which is easy to eat, ideal to be given to cat.
  • New Pouches : Offers varieties in all the favourite protein flavours that your cat will love.
  • Tempting Flavour : Cat Food made with seafood cocktail wakame seaweed in gravy to attract fussy eaters.
  • Varieties Of Ingredients : Give your cat tasty and quality protein, together with nutrition from colourful vegetables in delicious gravy sauce that they will lick clean.
Ingredients : Seafood Cocktail
Also Try : Try Whiskas Adult Tasty Mix Seafood Cocktail with Seaweeds in Gravy, Tuna & Kanikama with Carrots in Gravy and Chicken with Salmon Wakame Seaweed in Gravy.
Complete & Balanced : Whiskas Tasty Mix is a complete and balanced nutrition for your adult.

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:Thailand
Marketed by:MARS International India Pvt. Ltd.4658-A, No. 21, Ansari Road, Darya Ganji,New Delhi,110002
Item code:8853301004954
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