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Dry and Dapper - Essential Monsoon Grooming Tips for Your Dog

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We love the rain - we love the relief it brings from the heat. Rain means staying inside with a book and coffee in hand or just binge-watching with a blanket. But did you ever think that your doggo may not be as excited as you about this season? This is because your dog is more at risk to skin infections, tick infestations, allergies and other such problems. Rainy season makes the spread of communicable diseases and infections easier due to an increase in humidity and change in body temperature.

Other than this, your dog may also experience more fear in the monsoon - thunder and a heightened sense of smell can leave them feeling uncomfortable. In this guide, we will explore essential monsoon grooming tips to ensure your dog stays dry and dapper throughout the rainy season. By understanding how the wet season makes your dog feel, you can make this wet season more enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

Challenges that Monsoon Brings for Pets

If you have noticed, some dogs hate going out in the rain. This is because they hate the feeling that rain brings - fear and wetness everywhere. Moreover, their body might be prone to more infections. Here are a few reasons why the rain might make your dog feel so uncomfortable.

1. Wet Fur and Odor

Most dogs feel uncomfortable getting wet in the rain and that is why they shake themselves so vigorously. Moreover, the wetness along with the humidity can leave an unpleasant smell behind that may be disliked by both you and your pet.

2. Increased Humidity

The sudden rise in humidity can have adverse effects on your dog’s skin such as increased fungal or bacterial infections and skin rashes. Other than that, the weather combined with wet skin can become a breeding ground for hot spots, ring worms and yeast infections.

3. Tick Infestation

dog ticks in monsoon

Ticks and fleas breed during the rainy season and thus, leads to an increase in their population. Your dogs are most prone to infestation in the environment leaving them feeling uncomfortable and itchy the entire time. It is best to get the infestation removed as soon as possible to prevent skin infections. Kuddle’s at-home grooming service can help you to get rid of those pesky little insects and leave your dog feeling relieved and happy!

Start Preparing Before the Rainy Season Begins

It would be rather late for you to wait for the rains to start to begin grooming your dog because it may already be too late then. Here are some dog grooming tips that can help you before the rains start pouring and keep your dog prepared for the monsoon.

1. Trimming

If your dog has long hair, it is recommended that you trim it before it starts raining. This is because the shorter the hair is, the faster it dries and the safer your dog is. Also, it is easier to manage during the rainy season. But remember to trim carefully around the tail, paws and ears because these are areas that are more prone to infections as moisture and dirt can easily accumulate there.

2. Clean Environment

If you have not done your spring cleaning yet, you might have to do it in the summer. Dust around the house combined with moisture due to the humidity can be dangerous for your doggo’s skin. Moreover, the grooming area should always be properly cleaned. Using water-absorbent mats is advised for monsoon dog grooming along with proper ventilation in the grooming area to prevent accumulation of excessive moisture.

3. Gather Grooming Supplies

dog grooming needs

Although you may already have basic grooming tools and kits, the rainy season may call for extra products. These may include antibacterial or anti-fungal prevention products such as Fungoo Sprays. Other basic products such as brushes that are specifically made for paw care are also important. You can get your pet groomed easily with Kuddle’s at home pet grooming services.

Essential Dog Grooming Tips for Monsoon

Now that we have prepared for what's to come, we can dive into what's most important, which is understanding how you can take care of your dog during the rainy season. So, here are some dog grooming tips to help you with the process.

1. Deworming

As you have seen, many of the illnesses that develop during the rainy season are because of parasites, ticks and other infectious sources. You can avoid them by deworming your pet on a regular basis. Even animals that look healthy need to be dewormed. Moreover, there are some parasites that can spread between humans and pets leading to diseases among you and your other family members too. And if you’re sick, you can’t care for your dog.

2. Paw Care

dog paw care in monsoon

When you take your dog for a walk in the rain, it is their paws that come in contact with moisture and dirt the most. Moreover, their paws have crevices in which the dirt can enter and form lumps, and cause infections. So it is important to trim their paw fur and disinfect them after every walk. At Kuddle, our dog walkers clean your pet’s after every single walk.

3. Keep Them Away From Dirty Water

Stagnant water is host to millions of bacteria and other larvae of animals such as mosquitoes and flies. Even going near such places can make them prone to various gut infections. Make sure that they always drink filtered, preferably boiled water so that these germs don’t make their way into your pet’s body.

4. Food Habits

Since your dog won’t be able to go out much when it's raining and this restricts bowel movements which may lead to indigestion or constipation. To prevent this from happening, it is important to feed your dog fiber-rich food items such as pumpkin, beet pulp, lettuce, apple, carrots, etc.

4. Clean Their Ears and Private Areas

Their ears are also prone to ear infections and it is advised that they need to be cleaned by a cotton ear bud at least once everyday. Their private areas can be cleaned by wiping them with cotton balls or a warm washcloth. It is recommended that you get these areas cleaned professionally. But don’t worry, it is easy to get this done with our at-home services.

5. Dry Your Dog’s Fur

As we have mentioned above, wet fur is more prone to infections as well as bad odor and this is why it is important to always keep them dry during the rainy season. A dry dog is a healthy dog.

6. Brush Them Regularly

You need to thoroughly brush your dog’s fur to remove any debris, dirt or tangles. During the monsoon, your dog’s coat can easily get tangled and matted due to moisture and this is why brushing regularly is especially important. Matted hair can contain moisture and other infectious organisms.

7. Save Them From Ticks, Frogs and Lizards

Ticks are irritating and lead to skin problems in dogs so it is important to prevent infestation. You can use anti-tick shampoos or creams if your dog already has ticks. Brushing regularly is a great way to prevent any ticks from accumulating. Other than that, you can consult your Kuddle vet through at-home visits or video calls. Also, lizards and frogs can be toxic to your pets and they come out more often during the rainy season. If your pet has put one in their mouth, you can put salt on the back of their tongue or give them vinegar to induce vomiting and flush out the toxins. But for proper treatment, it is recommended that you get them to the vet as soon as possible.

Other Safety Considerations and Tips

dog and girl with umbrella in rain

Your dog will have a heightened sense of hearing during the monsoon and since there can be loud thunderstorms during this season, it may leave them feeling very scared and jittery. When this happens, it is best to let your dog find comfort by running and finding a hiding place where they may stay undisturbed till when it's over and they feel better. Although you may want to cuddle to reassure your pet, it may make them feel more agitated so it's better to just let them be.

Since it may not be feasible to take your dog out when there are storms, you can engage them in indoor activities to keep them entertained. You can play hide and seek with them using treats or get interactive game sets and toys for them. But that does not mean that you cannot ever take them out. You can check out Kuddle’s articles for tips to take your dog out in the rain and have them enjoy the weather safely!


By following these essential monsoon grooming tips, you can keep your doggo looking fabulous and feeling comfortable during the rainy season. From pre-grooming preparations to addressing specific challenges, such as muddy paws and wet fur, you can ensure your furry friend stays dry and dapper. Prioritizing their grooming needs not only enhances their physical well-being but also strengthens the bond between you and your canine companion. Embrace the monsoon with confidence, knowing that you have the knowledge to keep your doggo fresh and fabulous throughout the rainy adventures ahead.