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How to Improve Your Dog's Coat Health?

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It's usually impossible to resist a dog's cuteness, and it becomes even more irresistible when a dog has the softest and shiniest fur coat.

Being a pet parent, you would want your dog's fur coat to be the best. But if you are ignoring it when their coat feels dry and dull, you need to start paying attention. A dry and dull fur coat could be an early indicator for a lot of things- a dog's poor health, lack of nutrition, parasitic infestations and so much more.

Want to know how you can improve your dog's fur coat? Keep reading and take notes.

What's the Secret to a Healthy Fur Coat?

  • Apt bathing & grooming: To maintain the best fur coat possible, the right bathing and grooming tricks and schedules are necessary. Use the right shampoo and conditioner to ensure your pet has awesome hair growth. Never use human shampoos or grooming tools like blowdryers, human combs on your doggo. If the vet had recommended a specific shampoo in the past to cure some ailments, stop using that shampoo once it is cured, as unnecessarily using medicated shampoos designed to cure issues like parasitic infestations can make the coat dry and skin itchy.

    Ideal grooming schedule for different pet breed recommended by Kuddle

    Using correct products and equipments is highly important for a well-maintained coat. At the same time, ensure your pet's grooming sessions are professional and on time. Check out the table below to find out the correct grooming schedule for your dog's breed.

    It's also crucial to ensure that over-bathing and over-grooming are not done. Your pet might end up with itchy and dry skin if they are bathed more often. Ensure to brush your dog regularly and opt for professional grooming at least once a month. For long-haired breeds, it is recommended to not give bath at home as if the coat is not dried properly, the dog may catch cold and the moist locked between fur can lead to infection buildups.

  • Fish oil & omega supplements: Just like human hairs, omega supplements can do wonders for a dog's fur and skin. You can go for supplements of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 by including food like fish, salmon, and chia in your pet's diet. You can also go with over-the-counter supplements.

    While including these supplements causes no major harm to a dog, it's still better to consider talking to your vet in a custom analysis. As per your pet's breed, age, and body weight, a vet will be able to guide you on the quantity and type of suitable supplement.

  • Tick & fleas protection: Ticks, fleas, and parasites can not only ruin your pet's fur coat and skin but they can also deteriorate their internal health. Therefore, ensure that your pet is free of these harmful creatures. Timely deworming, coat brushing, grooming, and bathing are a few common ways to do so. Regular vet and groomer visits will ensure that the infestation is detected and treated at an early age.

  • Hydration & healthy diet: Hydration is the key to glowing, conditioned, and healthy skin- for us and for our beloved dogs as well. This is because healthy skin means healthy fur growth. It's a reminder that after reading this blog you too must drink a glass of water!

    A nutritious diet is another important factor to ensure your pet shines inside out. No matter how many supplements you include, your dog won't have a healthy fur coat if they are not backed by a healthy diet.

In general, all of the above things demand attention to ensure a healthy coat for your pet. However, if you feel like your dog needs professional attention, it's advised to talk to your vet about the problem.

Let Us Help You!

Feel like too much homework? Don't worry. Get in touch with us at Kuddle and we will help you improve your pet's coat health with professional pet grooming services at your home using specialized products and equipments designed for your pet's comfort and excellent hygiene. If you are noticing any skin issues in your pet and require professional help, you can also get in touch with experienced vets by scheduling a vet visit or vet video consultation. Moreover, we have a whole Kuddle community for dog lovers like you to make your pet parenting journey super fun. So, what are you waiting for? Install our app now & let's become friends!