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How to teach your dog the "No" command

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When it comes to training your pet, there are many commands that they should know. But one of the most important and the most used commands is 'No'. If you are a pet parent, you can't agree more with this, right?

It is extremely important to teach your pet dog at least a few simple commands. It helps our pets get a fair understanding of what not to do. So, here's why the 'No' command is important for your pup and how you can teach them at home.

Why is 'No' important?

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Safety of the pet is the topmost concern of all the dog parents. Of all the big and small commands, 'No' is something your pet must understand for their own safety and sanity. It can be life-savior for them in many situations. For example, if your dog starts running towards the traffic, a simple 'no' command can stop and save them.

The 'No' command also plays a crucial role in teaching your pet the rules of the house, the dos and don'ts they need to follow and a lot more. If your dog learns the 'No' command effectively, you won't have to run after them in the garden when they pick some unhealthy snack- just your 'No!' would be enough to stop them.

This one command can put an end to many of their unhealthy habits and unwanted behaviors like roaming around the house, sniffing into dustbins & their litter box, running out as soon as the door opens, and the list goes on.

How to get started?

There are numerous techniques that dog trainers use to train different dogs for the 'No' command. But for all you home trainers, we have got one of the simplest yet most effective techniques to train your furry friend.

All you need is a handful of their favorite treats for this technique. Before getting started, make sure that your pet is hungry or at least not completely full and the treat you use should be their favorite one. Once you know what time is the best to train them, follow the below steps

Step 1:

Hold the treat in front of your dog, on a flat, open hand- only far enough that your pet can see or smell it. The only motive here is to grab their attention with the treat.

Step 2:

Once you have their attention, they are definitely going to try grabbing their treat from your hand. Here, you need to instantly close your hand into a fist and say, “No!”. Make sure that you don't yell at them rudely. The aim is to show them what asking to stop looks like.

Step 3:

Naturally, your pet would sniff around your fist for a little while before they stop trying. But if they don't stop, take your hand back and start again by showing them the treat, closing your hand, and commanding them 'No'. Repeat these sessions till you notice their instant surrender to your 'No' command.

When your pet starts to understand what no means, you might also want to include the 'Okay'/'Yes' command in this training. When you slowly open your fist back to offer the treat, just command them with 'Okay' or a 'Yes' to make them understand that it is a green signal for them.

Once your pet learns what no means and starts following your command in this technique, they would listen to your 'No' always and will stop doing whatever they are doing at the moment. This simple technique can ultimately make pet parenting so much easier for you in the long run!

Remember, training is not an event, it's a process. It's important to practice daily and not dejected on day 1 if you see no results. Try different ways to find out what works best for them. You can also take the help of a professional trainer to train your dog, teach them multiple commands, and much more. You can also try Kuddle's At-home Dog Training services and give your pup exclusive attention for effective training from the comfort of your home.