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Harshita Dubey

cat for adoption




Is it breed? And location?


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i have a cat nd my cat because of all the crackles due to Diwali is getting very scared .. she is an adult cat .. she is not coming frm under a small place whereas my other cats even the kittens are okay with it ..i have tried being with her for the past hour nd nothing makes her come out frm that place ..i feel scared if she is sick .. or its actually due to crackles

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I need home device doctor

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*DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY!* Just this time, we'll be decking a lovely animal shelter with them instead! It's the Christmas season - the one of Giving. So, this Christmas, I'll be visiting the shelter along with a few friends to distribute some gifts (toys, treats, and other supplies) for those who can't celebrate with a family. However, we can't do it without you. We're looking for donations - old toys, treats and food (both dogs and cats), blankets, etc. Live too far away? You can always donate the exact amount of what you want to donate and I'll buy it for you instead. If you live in south Bangalore, Dunzo is preferred. Let's help bring happy smiles to the faces of those forgotten by humans who despised them. DM me Neha at +91 9480521596 for more details or addresses for delivery or donations phone number as it isn't this one. Everything is appreciated! Do share so that we can reach out to more people! I want to do something special for them. I'll be keeping you updated on everything bought