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My dog( 1year old shihtzu ) is a very picky eater, i have tried everything that a dog might like for example rice, curd, vegetables,sweet potatoes. He starves himself until he gets chicken and for obvious reasons i cannot feed him chicken all day, what to do And some other dog parent suggested me to stop feeding him kibbles because it is packed food and home made food is healthier for dogs, is that true?




Dr. Kaveri Giriraddi

Always home made food is healthier than the packaged food Once the dogs get adjusted to chicken they always want to have that only Try giving him boiled egg in the alternative days also that may help to reduce him getting him addicted to chicken



Babitha Augusthy

I boil 1-2 kg chicken, make it into small pieces, or grind it and freeze it in ice trays, and give 2 cubes with enough rice for each meal. This has worked for the last one and half year for my Shihtzu. He also is a picky eater. Stopped eating kibbles long ago.