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Ranveer Singh pannu

How do I make my dog to stop biting others when on walks





Dr. Tajunnisa M

Hello Ranveer. You can use muzzle (preferably a basket muzzle) if your pet has a habit of biting but this isn't a permanent solution and it should be used for short periods under your supervision. I advise you to work on behaviour modification by provide training to your pet through kuddle experts or by opting for an animal behaviourist.



Dr. Anukarna Singh

Hi, you need to understand if it a reaction to what the other dog is doing, is hormonal aggression (usually targeting male dogs) or just general aggression. You can take him out early morning and late evening so there is less exposure, try to socialize with some calm friendly dogs to see if he wants to interact calmly. If it is hormonal you can discuss neutering with your regular veterinary doctor.