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Vinit Fichadia

Hello doctors/pet parents, I have a male shih tzu, 4 months old. For the first time i introduced chicken with veggies to him in small portions 2 times a day (approx 60 gms in total). On the same day i feeded quinoa (also first time) with veggies, 1 egg, kibbles etc (his daily meal plans throught out the day). Due to change in food, he had diarrhea and loose motion 5 times. I gave him pumpkin today and seems its subsided, he hasn't pooped yet. I think i might have overfed him on the day of introducing chicken. Should have done in phases and gradually. i believe quinoa (due to high fiber) might have caused the loose motion or may be chicken itself. So my question - when can i next introduce chicken to him again? Thanks.




Dr. Anukarna Singh

Let this episode settle down completely, wait for a week and introduce chicken again. Start with chicken broth with shredded chicken for 2-3 days and if the pup is ok you can start increasing gradually. Don't start organ meat till 10 months of age. Chicken should be cooked properly to reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Also please avoid bones completely.



Vinit Fichadia

Thank you doctor. Actually we are feeding him broth for 20 days now without any issues. I will venture again once the episode settle down. Thanks again