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Rahul A

Our Pomeranian 1.7 years pet frequently has below issues once in two weeks - 1. Vomit ( toxic foam like water ) 2. And if it gets severe he ll be very low for 2 to 3 days ( like he keeps standing at same place, it won't be active as normal days ). Food habit : 7 am : rice + curd + milk 2pm : rice + curd + some vegetables ( this we started from yesterday ) 7 pm : rice + curd + milk Please suggest what needs to be done or is there any serious problem.




Dr. Kaveri Giriraddi

Stop giving milk One time give curd rice and one time give boiled egg mixed with the rice Also pets vomit when there is gastric issue They will eat grass and vomit that's normal behavior Give him sucralfate syrup before food twice daily