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Hi, I wanted some suggestions on which omega 3 fish oil is good for dogs? Earlier I was giving my dog the one from “Wow” brand. It was good and safe as recommended by the vet we always see. But he would have loose motion sometimes and we kinda got confused due to what he was having it, and stopped the supplements and later figured out it’s because he eats chicken once in a week and because of the heat he was going loose motion. So before I could start with the supplements again I want to know which is good one?




Dr. Anukarna Singh

If your pet is finding it hard to tolerate oil, these omega supplements are also available as tablets that can be powdered and mixed with food. Tab drools skin and coat can be used based on size. Syr softcoat/ vitabest derm if you want to try giving a syrup again. If your pet is difficult to medicate, you can use my beau skin supplement that's flavoured.