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some days ago i had my cat groomed while the groomer was cutting his tangled hair .. he accidentally cuts his skin . now it's probably infected i used mupirocin ointment on the area infected ( green blue coloured )and bandage it he was okay with its use. today when I tried to apply it nd bandage it around he was running around now it was red blue coloured so i just applied the ointment nd left it open . what am I supposed to do . nd his hygiene is not that good cause he is handicapped nd this cut is on his handicapped back right leg . he has no pain in running or walking up nd down or even cuddling but he is not letting me put on the bandage i was able to put the ointment by a lot of problem as well . he is eating well but he is not vaccinated as of now nd sometimes he vomits his food because he can't remove the licked hair from his mouth and he has and infection going on near his eyes because of the handicapped leg he has a difficulty in cleaning his face most of the time . thus i clean it

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hy I've got a German shepherd puppy his name is chocky 41 days old he is been dull for last 2 days like not eating well his month was hot and he is not even touches cerolic also please is there any ?

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hello. is it better to convert puppies from kibble diet to home food? or continue kibble through out life? If I should convert to home cooked food, what all should I include in his diet?

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Why my dog hairfall is increasing? He's 3 yr old

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