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Chinmayee Doreraj

Hi, My 1yr 2 m old German shepherd who weighs approx 23kg ate 3 pieces of green grapes. Later after a small research i realised that grapes are extremely toxic for dogs. In the past as well he has had 2 grapes which was approximately a month ago. I noticed no symptoms in the past. It's been 2 hours since he recently had it and I don't see any vomiting or excessive salivating either. Should I be worried? PS. I am aware that he's extremely underweight for his age. He's being fed a diet with eggs, meat, liver as per the recommended doses by his local vet.

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Shadow, Male
German Shepherd, 1 year old




Dr. V Jayakumar Reddy

Grapes are toxic to dogs. 3 grapes might not be fatal. It may cause vomiting in next 24 hours. It's definitely has an effect on kidneys. Kindly consult a vet as early as possible. They may induce vomit to remove grapes contents before they even reach the blood stream