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Preethi kumar

Bangalore adoption ! What to say about this pupper who is just 3 months old and so full of energy ! Isn’t he the most eligible handsome boy in the town? No wonder, he inevitably gets a lot of attention. Thanks to his brindle fur coat that does the trick. The pics says it all😉 ! However, it’s a pleasure to introduce him. He is Mr.Sheru. He is a super friendly and a very adorable playful child. Loves food and walks. He understand commands quickly and is very good with other pets too. Loves to get cozy when sleepy and absolutely alert when someone knocks on the door. He is leash and toilet trained. He is a mix of bit of naughtiness and a lot of cuteness ☺️ ( overloaded ) ! If you want to have a truly rewarding experience to fall in love 💕;Sheru is up and ready for that.Adopt this munchkin and experience a truly wonderful parenthood. To adopt Sheru what’s app on below number(s). 7840044455 / 74831 51270 Location : BEML Layout . All adoption formalities will be followed.

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Hi i have a 6 month old Labrador Retriever He keeps constantly barking while making his food. He keeps biting me only me in my family he draws blood and it pains like hell he has become very aggressive toward me while I did nothing wrong to him. He attacks me bites my hand growls he just doesnt leave my hand from biting he keeps biting still deeply when I want to remove his teeth from my hand that it pains like hell . He suddenly gets the urge to bite or suddenly starts to bark when he sees me near him sometimes. I can't get bitten by from him anymore I have cried so many times am frustrated bcoz of him and the biting started from 2 months he's not stopping yet I wanted to train him so I left him off leash I was scared I didn't know when his mood would change and would bite me to my death and he bit me today he drawed blood I was alone in the house am scared to live with him what should I do? Pleaseee tell meee please. Please reply to this msg

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Hi, Had a consultation with a kuddle vet as you suggested in my last query for dripping of urine..and he has confirmed that we have to neuter him..Neutered my dog today, he is having little more dripping today..he have not passed urine as normal after there any problem on this?

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Hello!! I have a 2 puppies does anybody willing to adopt it .These are healthy and strong!

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Hello!! I have a 2 puppies does anybody willing to adopt it .These are healthy and strong!

After having food my dog will start rubbing its mouth towards the wall or anywhere.i have been observing for few months

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