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Sanjukta Kumari

Hey, I have a 2 month old golden retriever. Just one month back we got him and in 2-3 days we found he has ticks, we used the powder, spot on and even gave shower( as suggested by vet) Still I see 1-2 everyday sometimes on his ear sometimes on face. What else can I do now to get rid of the ticks ?

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Dr. Tajunnisa M

Hello. This ticks and fleas infestation reduces with multiple uses of anti tick powder and shampoo. Concentrate on cleaning his bed and removing breeding points of ticks as well. You can sprinkle the bed and wooden items like sofa, table etc (which is a main breeding spots of ticks) present in your home with the same anti tick powder. If it doesn't reduce after a month or so, you can consider giving Tab. Bravecto.



Nitya Krishnan

Same i also faced the same thing with my husky pup when we got him u should use a flea comb works perfectly