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Vinit Fichadia

No questions. No asks. No help. Just thank you. Please continue doing what you are doing with the same grit. Just a quick update on wonderful job Kuddle is doing on educating lot of first time pet parents for any concerns for their fur babies. I personally have leveraged their services and needless to say they truly care for us all. A big shout out to the kuddle team including doctors, groomers, nutritionists, community, app developers, backend supporters, unknown contributors (pardon me if missed anyone). Kudos to entire team associated with Kuddle in any ways. Thanks for being there with us, for us and making our life easier. This post is inspiration from my pet Laddu. He conveys - Appreciate the moment. Live in present. And enjoy it. (They are always as happy to see you back if for 10 mins or 1 hr). Wagging tail says it all. Cheers, Laddu and Family. Woof Woof.






That's so sweet of you to share your experience with us. This feedback is a reminder of why we do what we do. We look forward to keep serving you and Laddu ❤️