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Ratan Kumar

A tail-wagging extravaganza at the dog park! 🐶❤️ Can't resist all the cuteness around me. #DogParkLife #PuppyEncounters #PawfectDay

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Eat or Pass? 2. Milk We commonly tend to think that milk is a balanced food choice to fulfill all nutritional needs, and we tend to feed it to street dogs and our pets, BUT here's a plot twist. Most Dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk. It can cause negative reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, and loose stools. They don't even need milk nutritionally after the weaning period. Other dairy products like curd and cheese are easily digestible but are better to be fed in moderation.

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Can i give a Bath for My 3 month puppy shih tzu

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I have reached a saturation point in Bangalore as of today. I feel the city has no place for dogs anymore. I feel that we, as humans, do not really deserve dogs anymore. In the past 2 weeks, I have knocked on hundreds of doors, downloaded all possible appps, reached out to countless people for a home to rent, only to be turned down and humiliated just because I have a dog. Dogs are only known to bark, poop everywhere and supposedly a menace. Period. I humbly put forth a request to all the people that come across my post to help me find a place to move in to. Considering I have exhausted all options, I ask the people on Kuddle to help me find a pet friendly home in Bangalore for Mylo, my wife and me. I am being compelled to evacuate my current residence by the 30th of June, ‘23. Thank you all in advance.

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🐾 Friday Training with Kuddle Team & Fun! 🐾 Working hard to perfect my obedience and command skills. 🐶 Learning to sit, stay, and fetch like a pro. 🎾💪 Can't wait to show off my progress! 🌟 #FridayTraining #ObedienceGoals #CommandMastery #DoggieDiscipline #PawsomeTrainingJourney #TGIFTraining #DogLife #SmartPup #TrainingTime #DogsofInstagram #InstaPaws

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