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Fofos Puppy Toy Alligator
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Product description

  • Ideal Teething Toy: Specifically designed for teething puppies, this alligator-shaped toy features soft, multi-material construction that offers relief to your pet's gums. It's especially suitable for puppy breeds such as Beagles, Shih Tzus, Pugs, Labradors, and others.
  • Engaging Textures: This plush toy features a unique blend of materials including a cotton rope tail, long and short fur fabrics, felt legs, and spikes. It keeps puppies entertained, encouraging longer playtime and promoting healthy chewing habits.
  • Squeaker & Crinkle Paper Inside: This toy features a built-in squeaker and crinkle paper, offering an irresistible combination of sounds that stimulate your puppy's curiosity and keep them engaged with every squeeze and squish.
  • Interactive Tug-of-War Fun: The durable rope tail of this toy enables fun-filled tugging and pulling games, fostering a strong bond between you and your puppy while keeping them active and entertained.
  • Recommended For Teething Puppies: This soft and chewable toy is specifically designed for puppies over 3 months old and is not recommended for dogs with adult teeth or those prone to aggressive chewing.

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:China
Marketed by:Pupscribe Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
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