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Perrito Double Headed Dog and Cat Toothbrush Set of 8
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Product description

  • Double-headed design: these dog toothbrush is designed with 2 different sized heads, which can nicely fit for most sized of dogs and cats, offering a comfortable teeth cleaning experience for the pets; It is recommend to brush your pet's teeth regularly to keep the pet oral health
  • Simple to use: the pet toothbrush is designed with a certain angle and long handle, which make it easier to brush and deep clean those hard to reach areas in your pet's mouth; The large head toothbrush is suitable for large dogs and small head toothbrush is suitable for small dogs
  • Soft bristles design: these dog teeth cleaning toothbrushes are designed with very soft bristles, which enable you to brush your pets' teeth without causing any harm or discomfort, offering the pet cat and dog with a gentle dental care
  • Effective brushing: these dog toothbrushes feature with a certain of angle, which is very effective for massaging the gum line and cleaning your dog's teeth in different areas of the mouth, making the pet teeth brushing become easier and more effective
  • Pacakge content: you will get 8 pieces of double headed dog and cat toothbrushes in Rendom Color, sufficient quantity can meet your pet's daily use and replacement needs, and you can share them with friends who raise pets as gifts to keep their pets' mouths clean.
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