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Trixie Soft Grass Bowl for Cats
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Expert insights

  • "enhance your cat's dining experience with the trixie soft grass bowl, providing a natural and comfortable eating surface that encourages slower feeding and aids digestion."

Product description

Cats swallow lots of fur when they groom themselves every day. If this hair remains in the stomach for a long time, it can form harmful hairballs. Cat grass is a natural way to aid digestion and prevent swallowed fur from turning into hairballs in the digestive tract.
It is highly recommended to provide cat grass to house cats that never go outside.
This product comes with a plastic tray and approx 100g packet of barley seeds so you can start offering cat grass to your kitty very soon.
Key Features :
  • Ideal for kittens.
  • Grow-your-own grass seed.
  • Especially soft and rich in vitamins.
  • Helps digestion :  provides cats with grass, which they require to stay healthy.
  • Ready to use straightaway :  includes 100g of barley seeds to plant straightaway.
  • Cat grass is a supplement.
How to Use :
Put the seeds into the tray and water moderately, so that it is moist but not wet. Place the tray in a bright, warm place. After 3 days, the seeds will start to germinate. Once the grass has reached a height of 4-5 cm, you can present it to your cat. Keep the cat grass slightly moist at all times.

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:Germany
Marketed by:ABK Imports PVT. LTD,Office No. 105, 1st Floor,Pune Trade Center, Wagholi,Pune - 412207, Maharashtra, INDIA.
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