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Bark Out Loud Multivitamin Immunity Chewstix Dog & Cat Treat
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Expected delivery date 9PM, Tomorrow
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Product description

  • Treat Them Right: With broad spectrum micronutrients for overall health and vitality, Bark Out Loud's Immunity Chewstix are packed with over 10 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. So go ahead, treat them the way they deserve it; with goodness, health, and love
  • Delicious & Guilt-free: Made with 100% fresh chicken, a tasty and easy way to give your dog everything they need to stay healthy. A strong heart, a happy gut and a healthy digestive system are just some of the benefits of these treats
  • Vitamin-enriched Immunity Boosters: Packed with the complete range of essential vitamins. From complex energy boosting Ubiquinol (CoQ10) to Vitamin B2 & B6 that promotes digestion and Vitamins A & E, Zinc for a stronger immune system. It's the paw-fect supplement to your pet's diet
  • Mega Dose of Wellness: With the goodness of Omega fatty acids obtained from fish oil, Bark Out Loud Immunity Chewstix also promotes supple skin, a glowing coat and healthy joints
  • Age range description:all life stages | item_form:stick

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:India
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