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Gnawlers Chicken Bone 6 inch
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  • Complementary Feed for Dogs: Gnawlers Bone in Chicken Flavour is designed as a complementary feed for dogs, providing an additional source of nutrition to supplement their regular diet.
  • Supplement to Daily Requirements: This product is intended to be used as a supplement to meet your dog's daily nutritional requirements. It can enhance their diet by offering a tasty and enjoyable treat with the added flavor of chicken.
  • Not for Human Consumption: It is crucial to emphasize that Gnawlers Bone in Chicken Flavour is strictly meant for dogs and is not suitable for human consumption. Ensure it is stored and handled in a way that prevents accidental ingestion by humans.
  • Guided Feeding: When offering Gnawlers Bone to your dog, it is recommended to feed them under your guidance. This helps in monitoring their consumption and ensures that the treat is given in appropriate quantities based on the size, weight, and dietary needs of your dog.
  • Access to Fresh Water: To promote proper digestion and overall well-being, it is important to provide your dog with access to plenty of fresh water. This ensures that they stay hydrated, especially when consuming supplementary treats like Gnawlers Bone in Chicken Flavour.
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