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Pet Cleaning Hair Removal Comb
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Product description

  • Gift Ideal for Cat: As a pet parent, are you worried about fur losing everywhere, here is one mollypaws cat brush for indoor cats integrating fur grooming comb, cat hair remover, and furry cleaning, one functional brush to solve cat hair problems which is a saver for kitten family
  • Skin Friendly Pet Grooming Brush: Front Comb made by smooth dot teeth, instead of common needles, no worry about hurting your pet's skin when grooming, better remove the floating cat hair, daily massage your kitty to protect your pet's health
  • Efficient Pet Hair Remover: After grooming your kitties, are you sad that your clothes or sofa are full of furs? The Back of Comb Brush is made of short dense dots which can quickly and highly remove the floating fur on clothes, sofa, beds, cat trees carpets, or other furniture
  • Wipe Fur Cleaner Brush for Daily Care: Open the silicone pad from the top of the cat brush, wrap the wipes (not included) around the pad then fasten it. then you can clean kitten furs while grooming and shedding. Mollypaws Cat Brush focuses on an efficient care experience and making pets and parents enjoy the massage time
  • What You Get: New Patent 3 in 1 Cat Brush for pet hair massage, fur remover, and daily cleaning (need wipe), our worry-free 30-day warranty, and friendly customer service
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