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Trixie Ball Toy For Dog
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Product description

  • Natural Latex Rubber: Safe materials, non-toxic, and unharmful to pets, suitable for chewing and play by your dogs. Dogs adore these toys because of their soft-touch texture. Only under supervision and with prompt replacement of worn-out or frayed toys are toys indestructible.
  • Keeps engaged: Soft & safe texture of the toy helps them to safely chew the toy and get relaxed. Keeps them engaged and entertained for long providing them physical and mental stimulation.
  • Relieve Anxiety: Reduce your pet's loneliness-related melancholy, boredom, and anxiety. Minimises the likelihood that your pet may bite your sofa, shoes, etc., helping to keep your house neat and orderly.
  • Suitable for puppies and small to medium dogs, very cute and funny, greatly attracting your puppies.

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:Germany
Marketed by:ABK Imports Pvt Ltd.
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