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Trixie Premium Catnip
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Expected delivery date 9PM, Tomorrow
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Product description

The Catnip Stimulate Playful Behavior And Causes Exhilaration And Euphoria In Most Cats Due To The Scent Of The Plant Extracts It Contains. Depending On The Cat's Character, It Can Also Encourage Some Cats To Calm Down And Wish To Cuddle. Because Cats Do Respond To Catnip, Again And Again, The Herb Can Be A Powerful Training Aid.
Features :
  • Catnip is a 100 percent natural product and is completely harmless.
  • Aromatic and long-lasting scent stimulates playful behaviour in many cats.
  • Use it on toys or scratching posts to make these interesting for your pet.
  • It improves strength and potential of your cat.
  • There is no cause for concern should your cat eat the ground plant parts.
  • Weight : 20g.

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:Germany
Marketed by:ABK Imports Private Limited-40, Pune Trade Centre,Wagholi,Pune,412207
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