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Pup Ice Waffle Cones Vanilla & Peanut Butter Dog Treat
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Product description

Introducing Pup Ice, a revolutionary dog chew that stands out in the market!Unlike traditional frozen treats, Pup Ice is an ambient dog chew that can be frozen at home for a refreshing twist. Say goodbye to messy drips and melting treats—Pup Ice remains solid even when frozen, providing a clean and enjoyable chewing experience for your furry friend.Crafted with a unique formula, Pup Ice is designed to freeze while ensuring that your dog's tongue won't stick to it as they lick, eliminating any discomfort or frustration commonly associated with conventional frozen treats. With Pup Ice, your pup can indulge in a cool and satisfying chew without any hassle or mess.Key Features :
  • Innovative Design : Pup Ice is unlike any other dog chew on the market, offering a unique blend of convenience and enjoyment.
  • Freezeable : Simply pop Pup Ice in the freezer at home for a refreshing and long-lasting treat.
  • Mess-Free : Say goodbye to melted messes and sticky residues—Pup Ice remains solid even when thawed.
  • Tongue-Friendly : Crafted with a special formula to ensure your dog's tongue won't stick, providing a comfortable chewing experience.
  • Long-Lasting : Pup Ice provides hours of entertainment and satisfaction for your beloved pet, making it an ideal choice for hot days or as a special treat anytime.
Usage / Storage :
Store in a cool dry place until ready to freeze. Please keep Pup Ice in the packaging while freezing. For best results freeze Pup Ice for 3 hours before consumption.Flavour : WatermelonSize : Length- 23.5 cmHeight - 4 cmBreadth - 13 cmTreat your pup to the innovative and delightful experience of Pup Ice—because every dog deserves a cool and refreshing treat! 🐾❄️
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