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Fofos Fruity Bites Silence Strawberry Dog Toy
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Product description

  • Silent Strawberry Dog Chew Toy: Our unique pet toy is designed without a squeaker, making it perfect for all breeds who enjoy quiet playtime. Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs alike.
  • Bumpy Texture for Teeth & Gums: This dog toy features a textured surface that serves as an effective chew toy, promoting oral health by cleaning teeth and massaging gums. A valuable addition to your pet toy collection.
  • Durable Dog Toy: This chew toy is a sturdy option among dog toys suitable for medium and large dogs. It's ideal for puppies to develop chewing habits and serves as a durable choice for adult dogs.
  • Multipurpose Use: Our Silent Strawberry Dog Chew Toy serves as both a chew toy and a fetch toy, making it one of the best choices for puppies to play, fetch, and chew. A must-have toy for your puppy's enjoyment and exercise needs.
  • Safe and Durable Material: Crafted from non-toxic materials with a robust TPR body, this puppy chew toy is safe for your pets to chew on. It's designed to be durable and tough, ideal for strong chewers, although it's not recommended for extremely aggressive chewers.

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:China
Marketed by:Pupscribe Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
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