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Trixie Plastic Dog Muzzle
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Product description

A muzzled dog isn't a bad dog. It's simply a way you can protect your dog from stressful situations and/or unsanitary environments. Due to its unique basket design, this Trixie Dog Muzzle is not suffocating but provides your dog with plenty of space to breathe while they are wearing it. It is also lightweight and adjustable for your dog's wellbeing. The quick release buckle makes it easy to wear and the safety strap ensures that the muzzle remains securely in place.
Here‚is where you can use it :
  • Emergencies : An injured or a frightened dog may bite as a way to protect themselves. A muzzle can be useful in such a situation
  • While on walks : It can help prevent your dog from eating garbage
  • Vet and grooming sessions : If your dog is not comfortable with strangers touching them, a muzzle can keep your dog and the professional safe
  • Durable muzzle for dogs
  • Unique basket design
  • Lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a quick release buckle and safety strap
  • Prevents your dog from eating garbage on walks
  • Great for vet visits, emergencies and grooming sessions
Tips :
  • Kindly use a muzzle on your dog for only for a short period of time
  • Supervise your dog while they're wearing the muzzle
  • Remember : Muzzles are not a permanent solution if your dog has behavioural problems. Reach out to a behaviourist for the same.
SizeMuzzle Circumference
XS14 cm
S18 cm
M20 cm
M-L26 cm
L32 cm
L-XL35 cm

Manufacturer information

Country of origin:Germany
Marketed by:ABK Imports Private Limited-40, Pune Trade Centre,Wagholi,Pune,412207
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