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How to socialize your dog?

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Do you find your pet often not getting along easily with new people and dogs? If yes, then you may need to do some work on their socialization skills.

The secret to a happy and healthy pet is usually considered to be a good diet, playtime, or maybe regular cuddles. But among the various crucial aspects that keep a dog happy, most pet parents forget to consider socialization.

Dogs that are not properly socialized get easily and overly triggered by external stimuli like stray dogs and strangers. This could lead to excessive barking and biting, and even trigger them to pull the leash. All these aggressive and negative behavioural patterns can be reduced with the proper socialization of a dog.

If you too have never considered socializing your pet seriously, here are 3 top benefits of socializing your furry friend for a happy pet and a happier pet-parenting experience.

The Benefits of a Socialized Pet

1. Reduced tension at the vet:

Not many pets are able to stay calm when they visit their vet or grooming parlour. The reason behind this is their lack of socialization. Simply put, dogs take it as a danger when they get physically in contact with strangers and this leads to their aggressive or violent behaviour.

Hence, the more your pet is socialized, the better they will be able to handle physical contact with strange humans. This will also help reduce your stress whenever it's time for your pet's vet visits.

2. Improved mental health:

Just like humans, dogs can go through depression as well. Keeping your pet socialised decreases the chances of bad mental health to a great extent. This means that your dog would be actually 'happy'.

Along with a healthy mind, dogs also tend to be more confident and less in anxiety when they are socialized with other humans and animals. If your dog comes from an aggressive breed like German Shepherd or Doberman, socialising them will also benefit you by reducing their aggressive traits.

3. Reduced chances of run-away:

Merely thinking about your pet running away might get you sad and worried. However, dogs do run away out of boredom, fear, or if they develop mating instincts.

If you wish to ensure your pet never feels like running away, socializing is the key. It is one of the factors that helps a pet stay in their home. Socialization makes a pet used to the surroundings and adjustable to pity changes.

Ways to Socialize Your Pet

Socializing your pet will not only help them stay calm and happy but will also give you peace of mind when you're out with your pup. If you are confused about socializing methods for your pet, here are a few simple ways to get started.

  • Begin the process of socializing your dog in a neutral, calm environment. Beginning at a place full of people or new dogs might be overwhelming for your pet and may not turn out to be good. Be patient and consistent during the process as it may take your pet a few weeks or months to learn the art of socialization. Moreover, ignore their negative behaviour rather than shouting at them.
  • When introducing your pet to new humans, don't let the new person approach them till your pet shows interest. Let your pet make the first move and approach new people. If your pet seems scared or anxious around new people, maintain a safe distance when you introduce them.
  • Suggest your friends and family offer treats to your pet to increase their friendliness with new people.
  • When introducing your dog to other dogs, remember that activities like sniffing, circling, or simply ignoring each other are common when two dogs meet. Don't interfere till you notice them fighting or getting aggressive. You may keep the first meeting short to avoid aggressive behaviour.
  • If you notice your dog being scared or aggressive around other dogs, maintain a safe distance when introducing them. You may begin by walking your dog near other dogs first and then taking them closer.
  • General walks and dog parks are great places to help your dog socialize. Attending pet-friendly events and meets in the locality would also help your pet become friendly and social. However, ensure that your dog is friendly with other pets before taking them to events or dog parks. If your dog is not habitual of meeting new dogs and humans, they may feel anxious or aggressive in the crowd.

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