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How To Stop Your Dog from Pulling the Leash

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Spending time with your beloved furry baby and taking them out for walks is the best way to relax and let go of all your stress, right? Well, of course, it is until they begin to show rebellious behaviour like pulling on their leashes. You may not like it as a pet parent but this is a common problem that many like you face out there.

This happens because walking with a leash or collar on is not 'natural' for any pet. Dogs like to engage with their surroundings at their own pace and this is what makes them pull their leash. Conditions worsen when your dog often breaks off the leash to lunge at other people or animals.

If you too are one such worried pet parent, then your worries are about to end. Several leash-walking techniques can easily help you improve your dog’s behaviour, keep reading to know about them.

What can be done?

  • Introduce them to the leash:

    A very important step that most pet parents skip is introducing their doggo with the leash. If your dog is not comfortable with the leash, it is natural for them to pull on the leash to get it out. Introduce leash to them, let them sniff it and create a positive association with the leash. Leash them for short time periods during their play time and when feeding them treats. They will begin to love the leash as it will reminds them of food and fun!

  • Begin with non-exciting walks:

    When your dog is under training, beginning with a non-exciting area for walks will keep them less distracted and hence, more focussed towards the training. Start by taking your pet out on a leash at places where there is less crowd. Once your pet learns to walk in the discipline at such places, it will be easy for you to handle them at crowded places like parks, busy streets, etc.

    Remember, you should be the focus for your doggo during walks. If your dog is pulling you on the leash, that means that the environment is more exciting and stimulating for them than you.

  • Let them sniff:

    It’s important to understand that the walk is for your dog’s health and mental stimulation, not for your leisure. Sniffing helps them explore the environment and reduces their stress and anxiety. Let them walk on their pace and sniff. Allowing your dog to sniff during walks can help reduce leash pulling, but it's important to maintain control of the walk and strike a balance between sniffing and other activities. With proper training and management, you can help your dog enjoy walks and reduce unwanted behaviors like leash pulling.

  • Use treats:

    If your dog is trying to break off from the leash or trying to lunge on something nearby, then clip on your dog's leash and stand quietly. When you notice a slight slack in the leash, encourage your dog and give them their favourite treats. This practice over a couple of times will eventually train your dog.

  • Introduce new words:

    If you are a beginner, use phrases while talking to your pet. Frequent use of a specific phrase like 'Let's walk' or 'Stop' for performing a particular action will gradually train your dog to follow your commands. This technique will work best when your pet has just begun going out on leash walks.

  • Take professional help:

    The most efficient way to get guaranteed results in considerable time is to get your pet professionally trained for leash and heel walking. Every pet is different and has a different learning curve, a professional trainer understands the “why” behind your dog’s behavior with their skills and use the best result-oriented ways to teach your dog walking on loose leash and heel walking. Kuddle’s dog behaviourists can help you train your dog from the comfort of your home. You can book an appointment by downloading Kuddle App.

Patience is the Key

With every technique, you need to be patient as a pet parent. It may get frustrating sometimes but you can’t rush with your pet during your training sessions. In fact, avoid yelling at your pet and instead, appreciate them when they perform well. Remember, consistency with patience is the ultimate key to getting visible results.

Sounding like too much work? Don’t worry. Kuddle is here to make pet parenting easy for you at every phase. Get in touch with us to get the best professional leash-walking training for your pet. Our team will help you understand your furry friend’s behaviour and offer suitable training. You can also find the most reliable dog walkers for your doggo only on Kuddle App. So, what’s stopping you? Let’s connect and help you walk your pet on a loose leash, carefree and disciplined.