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Janhabi Banerjee

My dog has an acid attack history when he was an infant. After a prolonged treatment and steroid application he recuperated. He was doing completely fine. He has a spot where no fur came ever. But no sense of itching or any irritation he had ever once he recovered. He was mot much exposed to the sunlight.. Now we have shifted to a place where he enjoys sitting on the roof for a long time. Recently I can see the spot is dried and cracked. He is not itching much but it seems like infection. P.S - this place is very dry in general. Please suggest what to do.

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Pokko, Male
Indie, 5 years old




Dr. Kaveri Giriraddi

Try to apply coconut oil or hemp seed oil if he doesn't itch after applying oil continue using it But as it's a acid history case better to get a physical examination if it's infection and then can start any antibiotics



Dr. Anukarna Singh

Apply a thin film of Moisturex ointment on long-term basis . Preferably apply the ointment just before meals or walks so he remains distracted for a short while after application allowing it to act before he licks.