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Preethi kumar

Bangalore adoption appeal ONLY : Bear is a 5 year old husky who has been tied his whole life , he’s an absolute sweetheart of a boy, gets along well with other dogs . He’s good with people and will do well in any type of home . Bear is toilet trained to go in a specific space , and has absolutely no destruction tendencies . He has a fantastic Temperment and any family would be lucky to have him . He is sterlised , dewormed and vaccinated . Balanced meat based diets are mandatory . He’s a beautiful dog , he only needs love and affection . No kennels , cage , etc . Bear will not be able to stay alone for long hours , as he’s always had people around . Experience families with big breeds are preffered . He will do well in a house with other dogs too . To adopt bear please WhatsApp on 9110698650 . (NO calls ) A form will be sent followed by a call , if you don’t get a response please assume you are not selected .

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