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Deepa Jagdish

I would like to share the tiny journey of our 10 week puppy. The Beagle puppy came home to us when it was 5 weeks old.No doubt with a very chic look--black,ebony ,white shoes,socks and tail. A small,yet muscular body,drooping ears and eyes so wise,sometimes look worried about some problem it has on its mind. We have not finalised it's name,the running name being Theo(God or divine). Sometimes it just feels that this is a little devil--very sharp teeth,a high pitched,yet flat yelp and a lunge that goes straight to my slippers,socks and our elder dog's Skippy's nose.It has been yelled at for chewing his tail,his long cocker spaniel hair and ear. But when Theo cuddles up and sleeps for an hour in the afternoon it sure feels like heaven. His appetite has been remarkable--from day one,I have been giving him--Boiled egg,both yellow and white, Cerelac Baby food( as Sudheendra pets was feeding him and his sisters cerelac) I started giving him minced chicken with rice twice.His weight increased to 4kg from 2kgs

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